A good dream, finally

Posted on November 14, 2010 by jojimmy.com

All my life, the dreams I used to see were either bad or horrible or end with myself in a pathetic situation. Many times i have screamed at the end of the dream – possibly in a stage I found myself helpless.
But last night, may be first time in my memory, I have had a nice dream. Something that ended good, something I eneded up doing helpful or useful and successful.
Story goes like this:
Characters: Myself, Betsy, two children (a boy and his younger sister), their mother(a young widow), and their grandmother, and a bunch of bad guys. Scene is somewhere in Kerala.
Children are veryrich – they have inheritted  vast amount of wealth from their father. Bad guys are after the children in a hope that they can get all these wealth from them. Their mother and grandmother are lockedup in an old house near a highway.  children somehow arrives in our hand and myself and betsy take all life threatning measures to save them, lots of chasing, speed car races, swimming in rivers, climbing mountains , crossing lands, wet in rain – all in nights and in daytime we hide somehwere as the bad guys are searching for us everywhere. we get seperated many times in between but rejoins again. Bad guys don’t know me or betsy at all.
I make calls to leader of bad guys, pretend as an informer for a share of the wealth,  and misguide them slightly for a while and using that opportunity, we reach the mother and grand mother in two different ways. we catch different cars, vans, trucks, train, and finally flight and reach Delhi and arrive in a flat  – after two weeks of running. we manage to get visas for the family and sent them safe some other safe countires, thats the end.
There are so may incidents throughout the story, falling down from hills, disguising ourselves, living in a house during daytime when all are gone for work, sleeping in drains, stealing food for kids froma house kitchen, going different ways and merging later in onrder to save at least one child, crying out of pressure and stress, injuries, many many many more.
I was so happy at the end – when i got up at 7am, becuase it was the first time i become a success in any dreams.



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Sunday, November 14th, 2010
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