Being a child

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Another short dream i have seen goes like this: it was so nice. i left me in a very  emotional mood. this happened few mon ths ago, so i dont remmeber it fully. but a gist is below:
I get mental trouble and think I am only as old as my own  children and live like it and become good friends with them.  later I get better and comes back to my  normal life. But sometimes I still remember my best times as friend of my children and wish I could go back to it. And the pain of realising its not possible.
Note: sometimes, even when i am not sleeping, i wish i could be as young as my children and get into their world, understand their imaginations, play with them, do whatever i missed when i was a child (not much – my childhood was very very richer than my boys’), and enjoy the freedom of not not having any responsibilities and not having any big knowledge.

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Sunday, November 14th, 2010
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My Dreams.
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