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There are many people I knew or met or been in good friendship with in my life, but later ignored me or said they don’t know me, or behaved in such way.

I don’t remember his name. But my best guess is “Soman”. He had very long hair and a very special hair style, and very fair complexion. I think his company name was “Pulari Light & Sound or similar– just guessing – its advertisement slide was there always in our cinema (Mareena Talkies) during interval time.

It happened during the Silver Jubilee celebrations in our school.  I was in year 8 – about 12-13 yrs of age. It was January, and nights were comfortably cold. I had few friends and busy with them during the first two days of celebrations wandering around. On the third night, I was a bit late for the evening programmes so I could not see my friends and hence I was a bit bored. I was just wandering around the school –not really interested in any programmes. I reached behind the school building which is rear to the main stage. There, on the large rocky area, I saw this man, we will call him Soman. He was in charge of the sound and electricity.  There was a big and noisy generator running. And lot of other boxes, cables, wires, switch ports etc. A very bright and unusually large light bulb was hanging on a pole. He was all the time running around the equipments, fixing lights and sound systems, and plugging and unplugging many cables to big boxes of switches and ports. I sat down and watched him. When he was a bit settled down I gradually started talking to him asking questions about the generator, and other equipments, etc. He answered at a very low voice, and never was annoyed by my silly questions. I also noticed that he always looked at me when talking to me. I think he was also bored – without talking to anyone for three days being busy working day and night. May be since it was the last night and most of the issues he initially had might have been settled and now he has sometime to slow down and talk.

I don’t remember exactly what we were talking, but he explained many thing s about electricity, light and sound techniques etc. He asked me who I am and said he know my parents. He said his name too. He was always doing something but we kept talking all the time. I helped him by handing him spanners or screw driver or other bits. Later somebody came with a holder-basket full of tea in glasses, and Soman asked him to give me one too – it was free I think because I don’t remember he paid for it. Later I went and bought a cone of hot peanuts, and shared with Soman. In between all these he had to go few times to check something and he asked me to keep an eye on his machines there, and I remember he asked me to turn some knobs on the generator if some sort of noise comes up, etc and I did so once. And towards the second half of night, he said he is going to take a little nap and asked me to wake him up if anything goes wrong. But he woke up very soon. Not much later the programmes ended and I said good bye to him and walked home.

One or two days later were the Church “Perunnal” – the annual celebration for St Sebastian. On the night of Perunnal, once all the formalities “Pradakhsinam” and “Kazhunnu” were over, I looked around for Soman. I had to avoid my friends as I was afraid that he won’t be happy if I bring all the friends there to the dangerous things like
generators. Finally I found him behind the church, next to vicar’s house, on the way to Cemetery. He was busy unwinding and connecting some cables and wires and setting up some switches etc. He did not see me or he did see but did not mind. I waited a bit away behind the church, keeping an eye on him. And finally he slowed down, seemed like he finished his busy work, and was sitting on the floor doing something. I went close to him
and asked if he is too busy. He did not even look at me. I waited again. Again few minutes later I tried to make some conversation but he ignored. I thought he is a bit upset with somebody, may be with Organisers as I saw them coming and talking to him many times earlier. So kept quiet but still hanging around. After a while I sat down near the cables etc on a small rock, and it was then he asked me to leave. He said it’s a too dangerous place and children are not allowed.

I felt a bit odd, a bit sad, and then walked away slowly. When walking though the crowd looking for my friends, I was still thinking why he can’t remember me.

Even today when I think about it – he behaved so clearly that he does not know me at all. I am sure he did not recognise me, but how could someone forget in just one or two days – that’s impossible.

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