Headless at work

Posted on November 14, 2010 by jojimmy.com

My head will explode soon. I feel so for many days. Don’t know why. I even imagine myself  sitting without head at my work desk.

If my head explodes, what would it be like then. I won’t feel a thing. I will still be sitting there – just head missing. May be keep typing as well.

Others will be horrified, some of them may be looking under desks for my missing head.

BC will be calling MJ or running to DJ. JK will faint. JC will scream. PK will still be cool – he may not have still noticed my head is missing. JA will say Ooohhhh!. RP will look out through the window to see if the traffic is affected. AG will cut a joke about my head – “he looks better without a head”. NM will check his iPhone to see if there is any similar youtube videos. SD will say something – can’t understand what it is. SK will not move at
all – will just ignore what is happening. GP and LB will make sure biscuit tins are clean – no brain bits on it. GC will send a mail around “Just to let you know that JJ’s head exploded (or missing)” and a link to some websites. SB is still “out of office” and LC is in BWH. JHJ will say its PMO’s responsibility. SS will come out and stand staring at me in horror (and it will be the most natural reaction in the whole office).

Others are not in today or away in meetings.

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Sunday, November 14th, 2010
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