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Having said ‘Protect the people’ in one of my previous articles, I must now talk a bit further about what I mean by this protection.

I am no fan of people protectionism and benefit culture. I am against giving out money for everyone and making them lazy. I am really angry about many people irresponsibly living on benefits (which is the money I paid as tax) – while I am compromising everything and working like a machine to create tax money for them.

So how do we address this problem – it’s not rocket science, and you don’t have to go to Eaton. Think simple.

We boast about highly skilled British labour force – which is not true. We do have a small size of skilled and talented workforce. But it’s only a small share of the population; and they are all adequately employed. What we have to realise first is that we have a large portion of the population who can only undertake (or only willing to undertake) less skilled jobs – like factory workers, building workers, drivers, technicians, food processors. These were the people behind the strong economic condition of UK for years.

While on one side the governments ignored falling industrial activity year after year, on the other hand they increased the compulsory minimum wages. Price of goods and services went up and high as the cost of production went up and up; because these goods and services were more labour intensive.

Industries were growing in other countries where labour was cheap. These countries started making cheaper goods and gradually quality also improved to global standards, so English products found difficult to fight competition in global markets. Even in UK we started importing these goods and domestic producers were struggling to imported goods. Most of them closed down, some of them moved overseas. And people lost their jobs.

Governments had already started a benefits culture, but not controlled well, so some people left jobs only to exploit systems and live cosy on benefits.  And those who lost jobs also started to depend on benefits.  We (or Govt chosen by us) were so stupid that they did not see the long term impact of losing industrial growth, wage protections, high corporate tax rates, uncontrolled benefits, etc. – they just ignored it.

Only one way for UK to succeed: Bring manufacturing. You cannot expect highly skilled migrants due to raise in university fees and new immigration caps. No one is going to set up any research centres here. Financial/bank markets are just virtual ones – it’s a bubble and we have seen how quickly they disappeared.

Govt must understand what we have here in this country – vast number of semi skilled labour force, most of them are unemployed and on benefits now. So use that resource, bring in production lines, do whatever required in promoting industries, try to stop business from going out of the country.

Create jobs – benefits should be in the form of jobs, not money.

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Monday, November 22nd, 2010
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