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A man (X) is in agony – acute mental pain. His memories from childhood upset him. He is the reason behind his parent’s death. He was only 5 yrs old (tbc) then. Time frame is back in pre-independence period in India.

A happy family in a village, a young married couples – X is their son. They are both loved his parents and grands very well. He is a nice boy and his parents or grandparents employed in local organisations. Grandparents live with them and help look after X . And X never had to even speak to him roughly – they were such a lovely family. Financially well family.

British army get some false information that this village is the centre of a big coup to blow up a British military camp in nearby city. Army thinks people behind the coup are hiding in this village and almost everyone in the village is a part of the gang. So they invade the peaceful village. One night they enter into each and every house and kill everyone except children. And X’s parents and grands were also shot, but his granddad survived, others die sadly.

Granddad was lucky that she was shot on the leg and shoulder only and they were just superficial wounds, did not made any damage to his body or health. Army leaves the house believing everyone was killed and and moves on to other houses and keep killing people until some message come from their HQ that it was a false message that this village is behind the coup. So army pulls out, they go back to their camp, comes back after two days and clear the dead bodies.

And later granddad brings up X who is now a young man, in the final years of his university study. Loved by everyone, handsome man. He watches a movie and a scene in the movie is about a mentally ill young man killing his parents. After watching this movie, his mind get a bit upset and he see this scene again and again in his dreams and he loses his sleep. So with his granddad, he goes to visit a doctor who is a friend of his granddad (also, doctor’s grandchild is X’s girlfriend in Uni.). From there X overhears a conversation between doctor and his granddad – from which he understands how his childhood mischief resulted in his parents and grandmother’s death. He becomes more upset and starts to cry.

Now what happened on that night in X’s house:

X’s family were hiding in the loft of the house, while British army was on rampaging the village. There were few bales of hay and bags of cotton and a lot of stuff in the loft. Family left all doors open in order to make an impression that they have already fled the house, and hid in the loft between the junk. It was totally dark in there and X started crying and making noises. His parents and grandparents try to calm him down and make him quiet, but X, being a child become naughtier in the darkness. Then army rushed into his house, searched house and found no one and returning assuming everyone already escaped. X‘s dad was holding him tight and his mouth closed, in order to stop him from making any noise. He thought his dad is going to kill him. When the last soldier was about to leave the house, X somehow got himself freed from his dad and screamed. Army stormed o up to the loft and shot at  everyone,
his parents and grandma was covering X from bullets and hence he wasn’t hurt at all. His granddad was shot but not seriously, but he fainted of the shock. Army checked and made sure all adults were shot and then returned – X was so shocked and could not understand what happened. He was lying down quietly under his mum’s body, staring at the darkness.
Later his granddad become conscious and pulls him out from under the bodies and hugs him tightly and weeps.

Story is not finished – this is only an outline and many bits and pieces are yet to be written.

In the end, X recovers from his problems, after an incident where he saves his granddads and girl friends life from a great peril, may be natural calamity or an accident. With the help of his granddad and doctors and his girlfriend, he returns to his happy normal life and they get married.

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