Online communities – how many is too many?

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I get lots of invitations from my friends and relatives to join many online communities or something like that – recent ones are Shtyle, WAYN, etc.

Looks like people are registering for any rubbish if it’s free on the internet. And they stupidly share their contacts to that site. They don’t understand they are risking not only their personal details, PCs, bank details, etc but also that of all those in their contact list.

I love to join communities and keep the relationships going – but why should I when these people have not kept any of their personal pages updated for many months, some of them for years. I just wonder why they are registering for numerous sites – it takes only less time and effort to keep the current one updated. They all register somewhere, then just forget it, and then go for another one. The only benefit is his/her contacts get numerous spam mails because of these stupid actions. These days I just delete any such invitation straight away.

I have a personal account in Facebook and a family account in Orkut. That’s more than enough, and I am maintaining these for more than 5 years now. All these above mentioned friends/relatives have accounts and they are in my friends list in both Facebook and Orkut. Some of them have more than one account – funny! But they never bothered to update any of them. And now they want me to join a new one!

I have been using my email id for more than 10 years, which was a special alphanumeric combination that spammers can’t easily assume. But due to this new online-community-epidemic, it’s full of spam mails. I am changing now and I am not going to tell anyone what my new email id is. A bit impolite, you might think, but these things are very important – you may end up in losing all your bank and credit card credits in no time if you loose control over your personal details. Beware!

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
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