People Vs Nation

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So what we get in UK after the new govt’s strange economic and social measures?

They are cutting all public sector services, including police, leading to tens of thousands of people losing their jobs – in a time when there are no private sector opportunities and no private sector company will employ someone from public sector.

The purpose – as they say it – is to free the country from huge debt /deficit. Alright, so then, if (a big IF) all these measures are successful, you get debt free country.

But what about citizens who live in this country – they lost jobs, they lost income, they lost benefits, their mortgage and loans are still outstanding, interests accrued and loan outstanding further grew – in other words they become in huge debt/deficit.

So we get a debt free country with full of bankrupt citizens. What’s the point? Who want a country with better financial status but not suitable for people to live.

This is where politicians lose their sense – the sense that country means people in it. They treat people as a problem, not as an asset.

Protect the people, and then country will also be better off. Provide them jobs, country will prosper.

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
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