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For certain things I have to say special thanks to BJ. There are many things in our life we don’t notice because they are changes which happened slowly and quietly.

One thing I have to mention here is my diet – BJ did a good job there. Earlier I used to eat from outside for my lunch – expensive rubbish. And also when you are out there at shop you buy other bits and pieces like chocolates also.  Its then BJ started packing sandwiches for me, the best part of it is that she puts a lot of chopped veggies and fruits in the box too.
Almost a year passed now. I did not notice until recently that I am almost the same weight but a better shape. It definitely has helped me bringing my good health back. I rarely eat chocolates these days – I never buy them. Eating lots of veggies and fruits has helped in at least not enlarging my tummy size. I can see my skin tone is also better. Financial savings are big – it saved a lot of money indeed. Most days BJ use “thoran” for sandwich which are tastier than ham or anything like that.

Another good thing BJ deserve an appreciation is PJ’s academic progress. From his childhood, its BJ always takes care of his learning. To be honest, I don’t think I have done any contribution o this. its BJ who always arranged speech and language classes for PJ, helped him to do his homework, continuously training him etc etc. And once PJ started school, it’s always, always, BJ who took responsibility for his learning. According to PJ previous school,
he was one of the best in his class. In his new school it’s too early to get a feedback, but I am sure he is not bad. The most important thing is PJ’s interest in learning is still there, it has only improved. PJ is so hard working on his learning side and I must say BJ is behind this and has been working so hard to keep his self-motivation running high.

If I sit down and think well, I might see many of such things – BJ’s priceless contributions to the well being of the family.

But we never bother thinking about this, so never notice these good things, and never bother admiring others for their efforts. That’s human nature – or man-nature. Many of these positive changes in your life are well influenced by your partner’s silent but slow and steady efforts. Since these changes happen over a long period of time, you don’t notice it unless you check it at some regular points in life.

I am not saying all of you go and sit down and do some work on analysing this and then bring up with some results and say thank to your partner for this. But just remember them. Just think about them lovingly and thankfully in your hearts. That will do. And thank God for giving them as your partner.

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