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Posted on November 20, 2010 by jojimmy.com

God created us all.

Some people say we should praise the god all the time and pray for more blessings all the time.

God created all human beings – he designed the shape and features for us. If prayers and praises were that all He needed he could have made us in a different way – with just an organ – a sound creating organ – so that He gets what He wants all the time. Something like this:




But He gave us all other parts/ limbs/ organs, and a mechanism to think and coordinate the operations of these various organs.








What we do with these organs? We do everything. We walk with legs, we pick up things with hands, we plan where to go when to go what to do, etc etc etc. Exactly that’s what God wanted. That’s why He gave us all of these. Mouth is only a small part of body compared to other organs/parts of body which means He wanted more actions than words.

For those who just advise us “pray pray pray” all the time, stop now go and do something for Him. Our problem is too much prayer, no action. God is not selfish, He don’t need your prayers – what He need is your help in doing something physically visible.  Help others, give for those in need, look after orphan children, take that poor man on street home or hospital, give somebody a house, educate a child, look after that helpless old people, feed a starving baby in Africa.  Why going all around the world, how many people in your village or town are starving, or how many children are sleeping on the road, or how many people die because of lack of treatment for their ill health.

You just shut your eyes from everything around you and start praising God for everything you have and pray for everything you want. Give first, then you will get – you don’t even have to ask for it.

God wanted us to do a lot of things on behalf of him. Do them for him. And all that you have to tell God (in prayer) is thanks for giving you all those things which helped you to do whatever you did for helping others. One simple act of mercy is more worth than a million trillion words you shout at God.

Some people boast, I am highly educated, I have been in highly paid jobs, and I left all those and following God – for praising him all the time. Chase them away, those resource-wasting, selfish, useless-to-community idiots.  When you did all those educations, you were using someone else’s opportunity. They could have had that education, work somewhere, and used a part of the income created by that way for helping others for education or health. You could have carried on your job and use that money to look after a couple of children dying on the streets/ slums. You wasted other resources. Resources are limited – so when you use one, someone else is losing it for you. So don’t waste them.

Some of you may say I am only praying for others, not for me. Stop it. You don’t have to pray for others – you have to do something for others.

Your acts are more visible than words. So when you do something good, others will see it. And they try to do the same. You will get more divine people in your community than when you just pray.

Thank you my Lord, for allowing me to write this post.

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Saturday, November 20th, 2010
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