Cost of faith = £6.9m + £6.3m + £3.8m + policing costs

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There were three BBC news items which caught my attention this morning (17/02/2011). They are:

  • Hundreds of jobs to go at council (
  • Police consider 2,250 job losses (
  • UK taxpayer Pope bill over £6.9m (


Is it justifiable to pay £7m for a religious visit  – when people (including me) are losing their jobs due to lack of funds, when govt is running out of money, when benefits are cut back for those socially under-privileged, when health and other social services are cancelled due to budget deficit?

Those 500 people who lost their jobs in Wolverhampton City Council could have saved for another couple of years with this money.

Those 2,250 policemen who are going to lose their jobs can be remained on our streets protecting us from criminals.

After all, it is paid to the wealthiest organisation in the whole world – the Catholic Church!

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Thursday, February 17th, 2011
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