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There have always been discussions (arguments, more precisely) about what is more important – preach or practice (verbal worship to God or practical help to His needy people).  I have earlier put some other similar articles in this blog, but this is a bit more about those who do either of these aspects. Are their methods and practice justifiable??

Read these scenarios. (Please note, I have no intention to hurt anyone personally, or challenge anyone about their individual ways of living in faith)
In a freezing winter morning, one of my friends, during his morning school run, had a minor car accident. A bit of his car was damaged and was unable to drive off. He rang few of his friends for a lift to home but all except one of them were on duty. It was the time a well known catholic priest from Kerala (India) was conducting a divine retreat l in the nearby city and many people were attending it. My friend too was planning to go for it with his wife after the school run. Now, broken down on the way, my friend called his friend for a lift to home, but got the replay “Sorry, I have to go for the retreat now, so I cannot help you”. Ha ha ha – I can’t help laughing.

What’s the point of going for a retreat ignoring someone who wanted an emergency help? If he hasn’t heard the story of Good Samaritan so far, all his shouting of “Halleluiah Halleluiah Halleluiah” in church that whole week has gone useless. Will God hear him?  What do you think?

Another friend of me, who has a good level of education, being in a good job, recently left his job and now spends his whole time praising God. Just praising the God, nothing else. What I heard is that he is not a very good fan of helping other less privileged people; but he strongly argues praying, simply praising is the ONLY way to reach God. Whatever he thinks, it’s his personal view, but I am more concerned about the fact that he left the job.

According to the Holy Book (not the exact versa but it means, if you have two pairs of clothes, one belongs to someone who hasn’t got any clothes at all. It simply means, for everything you got, someone else is suffering without it. And even if you think logically, its true – as needs are endless but means to meet these needs are limited. So someone has to give up if someone else to gain. Come back to my friend’s situation.

He has good health and in good shape – but he is wasting all this physical abilities God has given him. This is a world where even physically challenged people have to work to help the world get going. And here is my friend doing nothing – contributing nothing to the economy/world/nation/society – or adding nothing to the world’s limited resources, but enjoys the benefits of other’s efforts. Remember for every productive work you do – doctors or nurses or teachers or engineers or business people or carpenters or mechanics or daily workers or house maids or domestic servants or whatever it is – they and many others are getting benefits.

He has good education and work experience – think about the money his parents have spent on his education. Think about the resources the State might have spent on him. Think about the organisations employed him in anticipation that his growing experience will benefit them in future. Think about someone who could have gone to college in his place instead of him and give something back to the society. Thank about someone who lost a job interview because of him been offered the job. What a waste. If he doesn’t want money – fine – work, earn money, give it to somebody who is dying of hunger or need money for a surgery. In my view, that is responsible belief. Such good actions from him would have been 1 million times better satisfying for the God. That’s what God wanted – and that’s why He provided him all the education, training, work experience, good health, etc etc for him.

Sitting alone in a room or as a group in a hall and shouting all the prayers is not going to make any sense. I am not against the prayers and prayer groups and meetings. They are good, very good and a must have. It keeps you away from sins, it creates a communication bond between you and God, it provides a platform for you to talk to God and thank Him for all he has arranged for you, and ask for further assistance in making you life more meaningful according His wish. But it doesn’t mean you only do prayers – there should be a fine balance between prayer and practice. Do something that will make other less-fortunate people’s life better. Even if you pray for 24/7 for a whole year without any break, it will have no value or meaning compared to just one meal you could give to a hungry man or your hard earned money you spend for an orphan child’s education or on an ill man’s medicine.

Even if you can’t help others, just work. Because any work you do create something called Gross National Product, one of the main economic indicators for every nation. Each good/service you make/provided creates wealth for the nation, revenue for the government and social security for its population which is further distributed as benefits or used for creating further job opportunities.
Let your prayers be only asking God to help you to do these good deeds. Thank Him for giving you good health, education, experience and circumstances that you can work and help others, in its real meaning.

May God bless you all.

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