What God Does


Posted on February 24, 2012 by jojimmy.com


It happened few years ago. During that lunchtime, we were talking about the news of a little girl’s death in an accident. Mr X asked me where were your God then? Why didn’t He save her? I just asked him back: “Is your little daughter doing alright?  Mr X stared at me for a while – I thought he is going to kill me. It just slipped out of my tongue – I should have put in a better way.  Ms Y whispered in my ear “Say sorry – apologise”. But words did not come out of my throat. Suddenly Mr X laughed aloud and said: “You might be right”


We can bring up all the theology and atheism and philosophy, etc  etc  etc and argue forever and ever why innocent human beings are killed in war, natural calamities, etc. But why going so complicated? Think simple – Did you do anything for these innocent people? If not, just shut up.


Don’t bother to check if God is doing the right stuff, if you don’t do anything right.


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Friday, February 24th, 2012
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Faith & Fact.
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