“Not my fault, he started it”

Posted on March 6, 2012 by jojimmy.com

Every time I hear David Cameron and his ministers moan “Labour started it and we are trying to clean it”, It’s a result of the Labour policy”, “Labour did it and UK are paying for it” etc. etc., I feel really frustrated. It’s too childish to blame like this. It’s almost two years since they came into power – still the old moaning continues. It’s like children saying “It’s his fault”, or “He started it”, or He did it”.

Come on, Mr Cameron, Grow up. Please stop being so silly. We aren’t enjoying it. If Labour government is responsible for anything that the British population is suffering today, it’s a crime against the citizens. If you are that sure, why can’t you just   arrest them and put them in jail rather than punishing the people with all these cuts and other austerity measures.

It’s not very fair to blame the previous govt for everything. First of all it’s too late now. Where were you when labour was doing all the accused wrong policy measures? – Labour might have done whatever right at that point of time. Some of them may be ended up without the expected results. But what Cameroon has to remember is that a time will come or others to blame for his actions as well. It’s clear like daylight that current govt is facing more criticism from public than previous one. After all, labour wasn’t that bad in the last election – I mean, if they were that bad while in power, they wouldn’t be getting that many seats. And if they could have managed to make a coalition, they would be ruling today. (Don’t misunderstand me as a Labour party fan – I am just bored of the “He did everything” culture by Cameroon.)

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Tuesday, March 6th, 2012
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