The feeling of being naked – Is it the result of a sinful mind?

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The discussion last week was about the dress code in church. I mentioned what one of my friends said – during a mass in summer he refused to take Holy Communion from someone who was giving out communion wearing short trousers – he is a retired head teacher and a church ministry member. Someone else said the priest is not happy about the dress some women wear in church, sometimes too exposing. Few other motioned about the rules in Kerala churches that in some churches Holy Communion is not given to women who do not cover hear head with a scarf/net/sari. And in some other place in Kerala, girls must wear heard scarf all the time whilst they are in catechism classes.


Why do people think about nakedness as a bad thing – I may be absolutely wrong, pardon me if I am.

If you stick to the Holy Scriptures, God created man and woman naked – without any clothes. It’s when they did the first sin they felt bad about their nakedness and start covering themselves. So the habit of covering naked body is a result of first sin. The very feeling of being naked is a product of committing a sin in the first place. This means, the term “nakedness” arises as a result of sinful thoughts.

So are we arguing that we have to keep the results of sins? I thought we should be against sins. At least we shouldn’t be making more and more rules and norms on how to preserve or carry on with the results of our sins.

That’s just me. The stupid me….

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Thursday, July 4th, 2013
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